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Save Offers to Favorites on Website

You can save up to 20 offers in the website for future use.  To Save a merchant offers for quick retrieval at a later time follow the steps below:
  1. Search and locate an offer you wish to Save
  2. Click on the Save icon within the offer details
  3. The offer is now Saved and you will see the total number of Saved offers appear in the header of the webpage (located in the upper right hand corner of the page).

  4. To retrieve Saved offers there are two options:

    A) In the webpage header, click on the Saved Coupons icon to reveal the offers

    Click on the blue heading to display the Saved offer details to print the offer.
    Note: to remove a Saved offer, just click on the "remove from saved offers" link.

    B) From the My Account page, scroll to the bottom of the page to display My Favorites

    Select View to access the offers for printing or click on the "X" to remove an offer from your Favorites or Saved Offers.
NOTE: Please be aware that offers saved on the Mobile App or the webpage do not transfer to the other. You will have to save the offer within the other media for it to be saved in both places.

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