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How do I change or set my location?

To change or set your location to a different location, tap the menu icon (three horizontal bars) in the top left corner of the app.

After the menu displays, look for "Change Location" from the list of options

By selecting “Use GPS location” the app will display offers found around your current location.

You can manually input a location by entering a zip code or address and selecting “Use this location”.

You can also increase the number of offers that display if you increase the search distance; to do this, select Distance From Me on the side bar menu.

Select the desired distance for the offer search range.

If the app is having an issue being about to locate your current location please check the following items:
Please go to your device settings to verify location services is turned on and that the app has permission to use that function within your device.
If location services is turn on and the app is still having trouble finding your location, it is possible you are out of range or the GPS signal may be blocked due to your location (i.e. inside a building).

Make sure the app and your mobile device are up to date with the current software versions to avoid any usage issues.

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