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Annual Renewal Membership Program

I'm having trouble accessing my account to update my Annual Renewal Membership

If you are receiving an error message that your account number or email address does not match our records, please make sure that you have all of the information listed under the "Tips" section on the screen be...

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Charging Your Credit Card for Annual Renewal

We begin sending out the new Entertainment® Books to our Annual Renewal Members in July and will continue shipping through September as each local book comes off the press. Annual Renewal Members are the first...

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Membership Cancellation Time frame

Billing Cycle Date in Current Year If your billing cycle date is within the current year, then your cancellation will stop any further billing from occurring on your account. Terms and Conditions of the membe...

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Annual Renewal Member Book Shipments

The 2020 Entertainment® Books start shipping to Annual Renewal Members in July 2019. Shipments will continue as Books become available and distribution will continue through the end of August. Members will rec...

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