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Technical Support

Installing/Updating the Mobile App

If you are having trouble updating or installing the Entertainment mobile app try uninstalling and reinstalling: Uninstalling the current app from Apple devices: Find app icon "Entertainment" Press and ...

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Trouble Signing In

If you can't sign in, you may be entering an incorrect username or password. If you know you've entered your correct username and password and you still get a message that you cannot be found in our database, o...

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Enabling Cookies

In most browsers, your cookies can be enabled through your Internet Options. The steps to enable your cookies may vary, so we recommend that you consult your browser help section for instructions on enabling yo...

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Do you have a phone number I can call?

We do not offer a customer service phone number. Please do not view the absence of a customer service phone number as a lack of interest in our customers. We made the decision to have email be the primary me...

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I'm having problems printing my offer

A few things to check would be: Verify that you are signed in under your membership. You must have an active membership and be signed in to print or redeem any offers on Make sur...

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Why can I only see travel and online offers?

Once you are logged into your account on our website you must set your current location in order to see local and printable discounts. If you do not set your location you will only be able to see travel and on...

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