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Mobile App

How do I change or set my location?

To change or set your location to a different location, tap the menu icon (three horizontal bars) in the top left corner of the app. After the menu displays, look for "Change Location" from the list of options...

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Mobile App Network Connection & Device Storage Space

To display coupon content via the mobile app your device must have an active network connection. Without an active or strong network connection offers will not be pulled from our server to your device. Additi...

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Notification messages from Entertainment

Entertainment has recently introduced a great new customer benefit: For our Members who have downloaded the Entertainment Coupon App or the SaversGuide App onto their smartphones, notifications will appear on ...

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Forgot Login

If you are an Entertainment Member, you can change your account and login information on the My Profile section on the website once you login. If you need to reset your password, please follow the instructions...

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How do I save an offer?

To save an offer select the star icon in the upper right corner. Once this icon is selected, your offer will be saved. All saved offers can be accessed by selecting the side Menu Bar. Then selecting "Sav...

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Why do some of my memberships no longer show up within the mobile app?

In the “My Membership” section of the app, you will only see membership types that you have access to after activating them through the website or mobile app. If you have more than one activated membership, th...

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