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Digital Membership

Access Code is invalid

If you have attempted to activate your membership through the Activate Your Membership page and have received the "Access Code is Invalid" message pictured below, please check to make sure you have correctly en...

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Access Code has expired

This error message is received when an attempt is made to activate an expired access code. 2018 Entertainment Book Memberships expire on December 30, 2018. You will need to order a Digital Membership online a...

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Access Code has already been activated

Access codes are one-time use codes. If you have attempted to activate your Membership through the "Activate Your Membership" page and have received the message pictured below, your access code has already be...

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I didn't use my online printed coupons within 2 weeks

We do our best to clarify the expiration date both on the site and on your printed coupon. We're sorry that you weren't able to use your coupon by the expiration date, but you have many other great discounts to...

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How do I see my active memberships?

Log into your Entertainment® account. Click "My Account" at top right corner of the screen. Scroll down to the "Active Memberships" section to see a list of the memberships on your account that are current...

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