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Accepted Credit and Debit Cards

Entertainment accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for payment of online transactions. Debit Cards (also known as ATM cards) are accepted if they are associated with one of the above comp...

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Entertainment® Digital Membership - Auto Renewal

If you enrolled in a monthly Digital Membership - Your first charge will be billed the day that you sign up for your Entertainment® Digital Membership. Ongoing, your subscription fee will automatically be bille...

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Charging Your Credit Card for Annual Renewal

We begin sending out the new Entertainment® Books to our Annual Renewal Members in July and will continue shipping through September as each local book comes off the press. Annual Renewal Members are the first...

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Price Adjustment

It is Entertainment's policy that all purchases of the Entertainment Book Membership are considered final. It is our policy not to refund the difference between the price the customer paid and a lower price th...

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