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2019 Entertainment Books - No Membership Cards

Beginning with our 2019 editions, Entertainment no longer includes a Membership Card within the Entertainment Book.  A Membership Card has not been necessary when redeeming coupons from the Entertainment Books since 2015.  Between 2016 and 2018, the Membership Card was used for three purposes:

1. Activation of the digital portion of your Membership at or through the Entertainment Coupons mobile app with the listed code
2. Redeeming hotel & rental car offers booked through the merchant's website as listed in the Entertainment Book
3. Claiming recurring discounts from Frequent Values merchants.

The latter two functions were automatically available to all Members that had completed the activation process.

For individuals that are concerned with activating the Digital Membership for a 2019 Membership, there are three ways that is addressed:

1) For our Annual Renewal Members, we will automatically extend the expiration of digital access once all Annual Renewal orders have been shipped. That process was completed on September 13, 2018 and the 2019 Memberships are listed within active accounts.
2) For new Members that have completed an online order from, an access code is created at the conclusion of the order and that code is also sent via email.
3) For Members that have supported a fundraiser, a label is affixed to the Entertainment Book's cover that includes an access code.

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