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How do I become an Annual Renewal Member?

Entertainment does offer a convenient, hassle-free method to ensure the regular delivery of the Entertainment Book(s) each year when new editions are released. The Annual Renewal Membership Program is a subscription program that offers Members the opportunity to:

  • Get $5 off the regular retail price, plus free shipping on your Entertainment Book(s) each year!
  • Receive early delivery each summer, giving you up to 16 full months to enjoy your savings!
  • Be invited to participate in Annual Renewal Member-only sales and receive extra coupons!
  • Access the Digital Membership's offers throughout all of North America!

There are two ways to enroll as an Annual Renewal Member:

1) When completing the purchase of a current year's edition of the Entertainment Book at our online store, a pop-up window will offer the choice to join the Annual Renewal Membership Program before you reach the Checkout (see image below).  By selecting "Join Now & Save an Extra $5," your current year's edition will be discounted by $5 (USD) and you will reserve the same number of editions for the next year's edition.


2) Periodically, Entertainment will send promotional opportunities via email to current or recently expired Members offering discounted pricing on the current year's edition if those individuals are interested in joining the Annual Renewal Membership Program to reserve the next year's edition. That promotional offer might list specific Terms & Conditions in the email, so please review fully.  

Through either enrollment method, the Annual Renewal Program Details are available for review before proceeding. There is an agreement present during the Checkout process that allows Entertainment to continue the Membership automatically according to the Program's terms. 

As a reminder, you will receive notification before your subscription is renewed via the email address listed in the order where the enrollment occurred. We do recommend that you use a personal email address so that you are always able to access your account via our self-service portal for automatically-renewing Memberships.

To begin the process of enrolling as an Annual Renewal Member, visit or look for the link in a valid promotional offer. We hope you enjoy the savings!



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