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2018 Entertainment Book Membership Cards

Entertainment® has taken a stand to contribute to a sustainable future for our planet through initiatives to significantly reduce our use of paper and plastic.  One of the ways this has been done is by replacing our plastic Membership Cards with recyclable paper ones.  

Your Membership Card can be found on the first page of your 2018 Entertainment® Book. The 2018 editions of the Entertainment Book include a blue & white card featuring a burgundy sticker that reads "Peel Off To Reveal Your Membership Number."  To reveal your access code peel off the red sticker; please be sure that you are only pulling off the red sticker and not the clear border sticker around the red sticker.  
To remove your Membership Card, use scissors and cut along the dashed line. 

Your membership card is not required when redeeming coupons out of your Entertainment® Book.  Additionally, it is not needed for those printed online from the website or redeemed via the mobile app.

You can use your membership card to redeem our Frequent Values discounts.  Just by showing your membership card at a participating merchant you will receive an ongoing discount off your purchase.  You must activate your membership on our website to review the list of merchants who offer a Frequent Values discount.  Click here for instructions on how to activate your membership.

Also, your membership card is required to make reservations and redeem hotel and car rental discounts if you do not complete your booking through the links from the website. You will be required to show your membership card at "check in" in order to receive the discount.

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