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How do I print offers?

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If you need to change your location, click "Change" at the top of the list of offers next to Current Location.  If it is already set to your desired location, then proceed to the next step. 

Your new location will display at the top of the page with a list of available offers. 

If you would like to filter the offers to display only printable offers, go to the "Redemption Type" box on the left side of the screen and select "Print".

If both Print and Mobile are selected to display, review the full list of offers from the merchant to locate the offers designed for print.  They will have a printer icon where the mobile offers will have a phone icon.  After you display an offer that you would like to print, click the printer icon next to the offer.  

Click "Print Coupon" to execute the printing process.  If you do not want to proceed, use the 'x" in the upper corner to close the window.

Next, wait a few seconds for your printer's dialog box to appear,  DO NOT click "Yes" on this dialog box.  Wait for the dialog box to appear and click OK or Print.

Verify that your coupon has printed, then click "Yes" when the coupon has successfully printed.  Use the "Open and print the coupon now" link if you need to make a second attempt at printing. 

The expiration date for your offer will be displayed on the coupon as a reminder of how long it is valid.

Note: You may be prompted to download the Flash Player at this point. It's easy to do, totally free, and required for printing offers. 

You can also download Flash Player here.

If you are having problems printing an offer click here and try the printing tips provided.

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