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How do I cancel my Annual Renewal membership?

Please note that if you cancel your Annual Renewal order prior to receiving your first book through the program, you will be charged a cancellation fee. This fee is simply recovering the $5 discount you received on your original order at the time of enrollment.  Once you have cancelled your Annual Renewal memberships you will receive a cancellation confirmation email to your email address associated with your Annual Renewal membership.  
  1. To access your account you will need to have the email address associated with your Annual Renewal memberships.  
    • Click here and enter your email address 
    • Click "Email My Secure Link"
                 email secure linkNote: If you would like to edit/view your Annual Renewal memberships using your account number click here and enter the account number from the Annual Renewal email you received from us.

  2. You will receive an email with a secure link to your account.
    • Click "Visit My Account," in the email.
    • This link will take you directly to a list of your active Annual Renewal memberships in your account. 
  3. Click the edition name or "View Details".view detailsPlease note that if there are multiple editions associated with your Auto-Renewing membership, any changes made to one edition will be be applied to all Editions associated with your Auto-Renewing membership.

  4. Click "Cancel Annual Renewal Membership". cancel
  5. If you are sure you still want to cancel your Annual Renewal Membership click "Cancel Membership".cancel
  6. On the next screen please select a reason for canceling your Annual Renewal Membership from the drop down list and then click the button on the left that reads, "Cancel membership. I don't want great savings."ar cancelation

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