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Mobile App Issues

There are variables that we cannot account for when testing. To display coupon content via the mobile app your device must have an active network connection. Without an active or strong network connection, offers cannot be pulled from our servers to your device. If the issue that you experienced was accompanied by a spinning circle characteristic of data loading, an error message indicating that the service was not available, or an error related to internet service, those would all be consistent with an issue with the ability of your device and our servers to communicate.

If you believe that your app is not functioning properly, we would be interested in investigating your concerns. To do so, we need to request some additional information from you in effort to account for variables that could be involved. Please click on the "Reach Member Services" icon and provide the following information in your message (please copy-and-paste information):

Under the Menu, what App Version is installed on your device?
What type of device are you using?
What Android Version or Apple iOS is that device using?
What is the error message you are receiving?
Are there any specific steps that you can recall taking prior to the error?
Is the app using a manually entered location or GPS to locate nearby offers?
Have you previously activated your edition on or in the mobile app?

Please be aware that the website is a mobile-enabled website and it will provide you similar functionality to the mobile app.

Entertainment cannot provide any technical assistance if you are experiencing functional problems with your smart device.
Go to Apple Support if you are a iPhone user.
Go to Android Market Help if you are a Android user.

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