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How can I redeem offers on my mobile device?

When you are ready to redeem your mobile offer and use your discount, select the button that reads "Redeem Now".  

You will receive a notification that there will be a 10 minute period to redeem the offer.  If you are not ready to show the offer to the merchant, please select "No."  Otherwise, press "Yes" to proceed.

A reminder will display for dining establishments that the gratuity (or tip) should be determined based upon the pre-discount total. 

Show the screen with your offer to the merchant.  Once the merchant has taken down the relevant information 
and has informed you that you will receive the discount, select the "Done" button.  Once you select the "Done" button your offer will be marked as redeemed and you will no longer be able to use it, so make sure that you have received your discount. If you or the merchant has any questions about redeeming your offer, select the question mark icon at the lower right corner of the offer screen. 

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