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What is the Entertainment Book Membership?

Entertainment’s flagship savings program.  There are more than 110 local editions published annually, and each edition is loaded with thousands of dollars worth of 50% off and other valuable discounts for local and national restaurants (fine, casual and fast food dining), movie theaters, car washes, grocery stores, video rental stores, dry cleaning, professional and college sporting events, attractions and more.
Entertainment Books also include a travel section, with guaranteed best rates at over 10,000 hotels and resorts plus significant savings at car rental agencies and airlines.  Millions of memberships are sold annually, with a cumulative total of billions of dollars in savings opportunities.
The Entertainment Book is bundled as a complete membership program, which includes a membership card for use at car rentals and hotels as well as frequent valued merchants.  Membership also includes access to thousands of additional hotel offers, printable coupons, special online discounts and other member benefits through the Entertainment Digital Membership.  To active these additional benefits, register your membership card.

Should you need to contact a member representative, then click on the link below to send us an email message.  When creating your message select the subject line: Digital or mobile membership questions.

Click here to send us a message.

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