Browse Topics: Best Rate Guarantee guarantees that if you find a lower qualifying rate for the same accommodation and room type within 24 hours of booking, will:

  •  Refund the difference between what you paid and the lower rate
  •  Or refund the reservation with no penalties.

A qualifying rate is a rate from another US based travel web site that satisfies the Terms of Use of booking, as determined by You must have booked and prepaid for a reservation on the Site, and claim the guarantee before the cancellation deadline of the hotel. This guarantee applies to the rate before any taxes or fees. The rate must be available within 24 hours of booking for the same hotel, type of room, dates of travel, and number of guests. Other details of the booking must be the same. The following type of rates do not qualify:

  •  opaque
  •  only available by auction
  •  bidding
  •  special membership
  •  error or mistake

To claim the Guarantee, simply fill out this form.

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