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Redeeming Online Discounts

Online discounts can be redeemed by clicking through to the online merchant's website from the page that provides details of the discount.

Entertainment offers our participating merchants and partners the opportunity to highlight their offers through advertising space on the members' website and mobile app.  On, the banner advertisements and the smaller ads (below the filter window) are actually click-through links.  On the mobile app, these might be listed as Featured Offers.  If you double-click on the ad or follow the steps to redeem the mobile offer, a website belonging to that merchant will open in a new browser window.  That page will recognize Entertainment members and offer exclusive savings opportunities.

The offer that you were trying to find is available through a click-through offer that can be found through an advertisement or in the Online Offers section on the website.


Please note that some retailers require that you enter a promotion code to receive your discount. This promotion code will be provided on the same page that displays the discount details.

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