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Installing/Updating the Mobile App

If you are having trouble updating or installing the Entertainment mobile app try uninstalling and reinstalling:

Uninstalling the current app from Apple devices:

  1. Find app icon "Entertainment Coupons"

  2. Press and hold down on app icon (this will cause app icons to wiggle)

  3. Tap "X" in top-left corner of app icon

  4. Tap "Delete" button in alert

  5. Tap "home" button (this will stop app icons from wiggling)

Installing the new app for Apple devices:

  1. Open App Store

  2. Tap Search

  3. Enter "Entertainment Coupons"

  4. Tap "Search" button on keyboard

  5. Tap iCloud icon to install

Uninstalling the current app from Android devices:

  1. Find "Settings" app

  2. Tap on app icon

  3. Find "Apps" or "Applications" app

  4. Tap on app

  5. Scroll to app named "Entertainment Coupons"

  6. Tap app name

  7. Tap "Uninstall" button

  8. Tap "Ok" on prompt

  9. Current Entertainment app has been uninstalled

Installing the new app for Apple devices:

  1. Visit Google play store

  2. Search "Entertainment Coupons"

  3. Tap "Install" button

Still having difficulties? Click here to send us a message. .  Please use the subject line "I am having issues downloading/using the mobile app" and explain the issue.  We will follow up with you as quickly as possible.

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