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Entertainment® Digital Access - Discount Renewal

When you purchase an Entertainment® Digital Access, you automatically gain access to all printable discounts nationwide and travel discounts, including hotel discount programs with savings at over 35,000 hotels, and special member savings from major car rental companies. You'll also be able to purchase discounted movie, theme park and attraction tickets. All discounts in your membership can be printed at least once per year.

All your discounts will be refreshed at the beginning of each calendar year, so you'll get to use them all again. Please note that some coupons can only be printed a limited number of times. If you cancel and reinstate your membership within the same year, any coupons that you printed before canceling will count towards the limit of that particular offer. The number of times that you can print an individual coupon will be refreshed on the year anniversary of when you first enrolled.

Entertainment Book Members, your ability to access offers on will expire on December 30 of each year.  Unless you purchase a new book and complete the membership activation process before the current book membership expires.

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