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Rules of Use - Entertainment® Digital Access Membership

A) The Entertainment® Digital Membership combines the savings of more discount offers plus the power of an online and mobile experience. Members enjoy hundreds of "2-for-1" and up to 50%-off discounts accessible from a mobile device or printable from a computer. It's easier to search and browse online or via your mobile device. A Digital Membership includes more than 100 major markets throughout North America with local savings for restaurants, attractions, sporting events, shopping, movie tickets and also exclusive national merchant online offers and deals. Plus there are thousands of travel discounts, including hotel discount programs with savings at over 35,000 hotels, and special member savings from major car rental companies. New discounts are added daily, so check back often for discounts at favorite local establishments. Download the Entertainment® Coupons mobile app from your mobile device storefront to quickly find discounts near you. Use our app to search, sort, store favorites and redeem the coupon right from your mobile device!

B) Membership terms. While the Membership is valid for based upon the date of purchase, digital offers from our merchant partners are based upon the calendar year. On January 1 each year, access to discounts will be refreshed so you'll get to use them all again. Please note that some coupons can only be redeemed one-time (Premium Offers) while other might have unlimited usage (Frequent Values) , depending on merchant requirements. If you choose to print your local discounts, the coupons are valid for 14 days from the time they are printed. Mobile coupons selected for redemption must be presented to the merchant within 10 minutes. Travel discounts may be valid for a longer period, so please check the coupon's expiration date. Merchant participation in the digital savings program varies and not all offers are valid for print/mobile redemption. Merchant participation varies by market and not all offers are valid for mobile redemption.

For your convenience, your membership will be renewed automatically at the end of your billing period. If you do not want to renew your membership, you must cancel before the end of your paid billing period (or any renewal period) in order for cancellation to take effect before the next billing period. If cancellation occurs on or after this date, the membership will be renewed and you will be charged according to the payment option you selected.

Periodically, a discount that's available on Entertainment® Digital Access Membership will be discontinued. This could be due to one of the following reasons: the discount was available for a brief time for a special event; business closure; or change in business ownership.

C) Cancellation. To cancel your membership, please click here. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your membership, we will gladly refund your membership fee.  Cancellations that occur after the first 30 days will remain active until the next scheduled renewal (or billing) date.

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