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Rules of Use- Entertainment Book Memberships

2017 Entertainment® Book, Entertainment National® and Entertainment International® and Coupon Savings™. Offers are valid now thru December 30, 2017, unless otherwise stated on the offer.

a) The Entertainment® Book membership program is a combination of several components featured as local or national coupons, cards, online print, electronic, interactive, mobile app or other promotional advertising medium. Promotional merchant offers featured in Entertainment® programs are not gift cards.

b) In order to receive additional benefits from your book membership, including links to online offers, you must activate your Entertainment® Membership online at There is an access code listed on the Membership Card.  If you purchased from the website, your access code is provided after that sale was finalized.
  • i) Use your Entertainment® Membership Card to receive hotel and car rental discounts.
  • ii) Use your Membership Card to receive discounts for offers listed in the Frequent Values® directory found online and on the mobile app. Frequent Values® offers are a percentage-off discount that may be used on a repeatable basis. Simply present your Card at participating merchants each time you visit to receive your discount.
  • iii) Select Savings® are promotional discount offers available online for all editions. You must first activate your membership in order to receive access to these offers.
  • iv) Printable Offers: These offers may be found online and redeemed via printable coupon. Offers expire 14 days after printing.
  • v) Mobile Offers: These offers may be found via your mobile app and redeemed via mobile redemption. Offers expire 10 minutes after redeeming.

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